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    If you are looking for challenges and are not afraid of personal development, you have come to the right place! We study requirements, analyze, program, test, implement. We like our office, that's why we like to come to work and program here, but if we sometimes need to - we can even work from Bali!

    Job offers

    Learn from the best! We are looking for young, talented and ambitious people. Join the environment in which you will develop your skills under the guidance of the best specialists. From day one, you will become a full member of the team. You will see how we work and learn about our projects. You will undertake developmental activities that will allow you to show off and not be bored even for a moment!
    Applications deadline
    Open day at it-solve
    We want to get to know you better and show you our office, as well as let you get to know our mentors.
    Acceptance date
    Wait for our call, up to June 16th, which will inform you that you have been selected for our team.
    Starting the internship in it-solve
    This is where your adventure with it-solve begins. Remember that it can last for many years, because the internship can result in proposal for an employment contract - it is all in your hands!
    We know how important it is for you to be able to adjust the internship schedule, that is why we are flexible in this matter - we always individually determine the form and scope of cooperation during the internship.

    It is very important for us to provide you with regular feedback during the internship - both positive and the one poiniting out which aspects of your work you could improve.

    By joining our internship program, we will assign you a mentor who will dedicate you the time, share valuable knowledge and set ambitious goals for you. The mentor will teach you important competences for the chosen position and provide you with new challenges.

    Nasz biuro


    private healthcare
    You have access to specialists in many medical fields. The basic package is waiting for you with the start of work.
    development budget
    you can take part in both training courses and industry events - you decide
    free IT books
    dowolnie wybierasz pozycje z firmowej biblioteki, a na Twoją prośbę kupujemy kolejne interesujące pozycje
    From day one, you have a mentor assigned to take care of your development in the company
    best tools
    A fast computer, two monitors and an ergonomic chair - it's all included right from the start.
    flexible working hours
    You decide what hours you want to work - our office is open at any time.
    integration budget
    Every employee has an influence on the planning of integration in the company - paintball? home of secrets? beer tasting? - you decide.
    flat company structure
    With us you will not find extensive HR, Payroll or Management departments. Flat structure allows you to have a real impact on the development and vision of the company.
    work-life balance
    Do you love your work - we already know that, but after hours you play ball or are passionate about fishing? We support the personal development of our employees.

    Recrutation process
    Join our team!

    Send your CV
    If you are interested in our offer, please send us your CV using the contact form or directly to: contact@it-solve.pl
    First contact
    If your application sparked our interest, we will contact you within 3 days to get to know you and give you a challenge, which will verify your skills and also show you, how we work in it-solve
    In the next step, we'll invite you to an interview. This will give you a chance to meet us and see your potential workplace. We will have a chance to get to know you better and answer all of your questions.
    Welcome to it-solve!
    A positive end of the recruitment path will be to present you an offer tailored to your skills. Its acceptance will be the last step on the way to starting a fruitful cooperation with it-solve!

    Our employees' stories

    It's been a long time since I wanted to change my professional profile and return to the industry related to my studies. I found an it-solve offer, I was invited to an interview and after I passed the recruitment process, I stayed. It was certainly influenced by the bosses' flexible approach to the form of cooperation, the possibility to work remotely, reconciling professional life with private matters. Being able to work in the IT world - practically from scratch - is a big credit of trust I got at the start. It's something that certainly sets it-solve apart from other companies. The people who work here and create a good team are also a great advantage. And believe me, it's not just promises to encourage you to work, it's just our everyday life.
    When I started my career as a programmer, it-solve was the only company in Częstochowa that gave a friendly atmosphere - apart from interesting projects and technology stack - in the package. After three years in the team I can safely say that it is a big programming family, where I come every Monday morning and start a new week full of adventures. 
    I got into it-solve looking for an internship during my last year of engineering studies. I was accepted despite the lack of some extremely long experience and little knowledge of the .NET platform. During the trial period I faced a big challenge - I was implemented into a project based on the .NET platform, during which I really learned a lot and in a short time - by working together with my teammates - I gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience.
    I started working in it-solve in 2018. Why am I still here? Places are created by people. Our team is well-connected and communicative. Moreover, I have the ability to work remotely as needed, and above all that, it is just a good job. Flat organizational structure. Impact on what technologies are going to be used in a project and of course on its final form. Continuous development and new challenges in the form of ambitious and interesting projects in which we use the latest technologies are also very important. There is also time for self-improvement and development in your chosen career path. That makes it-solve a great place to work.
    How did I get to it-solve? I started with the apprenticeships I had to do during my studies. It was extremely nice that afterwards, I was offered to stay in the company so that I could develop further, this time on an internship. I was happy to stay in it-solve, mainly because of the incredible atmosphere in the company, the wonderful people who create it and their help no matter the circumstances. I was also convinced by the flexible work schedule, which gives me the opportunity to study and work at the same time. The best company I know!
    I found out about it-solve at my university - Częstochowa University of Technology, with which the company cooperated. I thought: why not, it's worth a try! I positively went through the recruitment process and I knew that this is where I would find myself in. Why? Great atmosphere, young, creative team, flexible approach to every employee. That made it-solve my best option.
    I heard about it-solve in college. I liked the way the company talked about itself, so I sent my CV without thinking, and soon afterwards I joined the team of great programmers, from whom I learned a lot. Working in it-solve means interesting projects, where you really can't get bored, but also great people with whom you just have a nice time - both at work and outside.

    Working at IT-Solve

    Start working with a modern softwarehouse!
    Do you dream of working in IT? Are you a programmer, tester or simply a technology enthusiast? Do you already have specific experience, or maybe you are just finishing your studies? Welcome to it-solve - a thriving company on the Częstochowa market, which will change your life for the better! If you are looking for challenges and are not afraid of development, you have come to the right place! We examine the requirements, analyze, program, test, implement. We like our office, that's why we like to come to work and program here, but if we sometimes need to - we can even work in Bali!

    In-house workshops

    Each of us has our hobbies, favourite work tools, etc. 

    In it-solve we love sharing our knowledge, that is why once a week we organize in-house workshops on good practices or interesting tools we could use. If you are looking for a chance to learn something new, you could not have found a better place to do so.

    Conference trips

    Each employee has their own budget, which they can use to participate in interesting events and conferences, because our motto says: do not save up on employees development.

    Agile programming

    At the very beginning of each large project, it is hard to determine its full-functionality, that is why we use scrum, an agile programming process, in our everyday work. This is one of the reasons why teamwork and efficient task planning are so important to us.


    As a programmer you can't stand still - this job requires constant improvement of qualifications. 

    If you have a problem with something or stand still, in it-solve, you get the necessary help right away. What's more, every new employee is assigned a mentor, and he will be happy to help you with everything!

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