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We ask questions and provoke product considerations, all in order to find the best solution.
What are you looking for?
New product

You think there is space for your product on the market. You have a general idea, but you need to discover the details. You need a creative and experienced team to help you go through the whole process, from clarifying your vision, to creating a clickable prototype, to pricing the MVP or the whole solution. See what we can do for you.

Product upgrade

If you have a working product, but there is a need to improve it. If you would like to solve your users' problems by adding new functionalities or you just want to refresh the project, look for troubles and potential solutions, the workshop is perfect for that.

Process optimization

Your company is doing great, more clients, more employees, more work. Despite this, you feel that certain processes are not fully optimized, maybe they need to be remodeled, shortened or automated. The Discovery Workshop will help your organization to better understand the current situation, identify bottlenecks together and find improvements, perhaps with our software designed specifically for you.

Workshop stages

We analyze materials concerning the company, product vision and information about what has already been produced.
Discovery Workshop
We create a shared vision of the product using event storming, adjust the product to the market and describe its most important functionalities.
Inside work
We work on functionalities and prepare wireframes based on materials from Discovery Workshop.
Feedback session
We present proposed prospects and functionalities. We discuss whether everything has been planned accordingly to the arrangements.
Discovery Report
The client receives all the documentation containing all the materials developed during the workshop process in the form of a report.
Who will take part in the workshop

Workshop is a solid basis for the start of the further work

Refining the direction of development

We analyze, delve into the domain of business, look for problems and solutions, opportunities and threats. Our common goal is that your vision turns into working software.

Documentation preparation

We will prepare key documents, prospects sketches and even a working prototype of the application. - A kind of „must have” if you want to start development work.

Budget and time estimation

Our experienced development team will estimate the time needed for the project. We will prepare an action plan, it will be up to you to plan your budget and decide whether we can get started.

What you will get
Workshop materials

Product Vision

You will receive all the materials we worked on during the workshop. Product Vision, Persons, Event Storming


App prospects

Widoki szkice aplikacji

You will receive Application Prospects based on the most important features. Additionally, we can create a clickable prototype of the application to let you feel even better how the designed product will work

Forecasted valuation


You will receive a Roadmap proposed by our team, with estimates and division into main functionalities. The whole thing closes with a valuation which will tell you what budget you need in order to start the project.

Why us?
Years of experience

We have developed many excellent mobile applications, some of which are downloadable from the App Store or Google Play. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to create a product that will satisfy even the most demanding users.


Agile approach

When creating the application in an Agile approach, we use industry’s best practices and technologies. We constantly improve the created product, while shortening the time needed to enter the market.

Technical support

We provide continuous support after the product is made, so you can be sure that it is always optimized and adapted to changes in the market.

Customer opinions

Rafał Krakowski
Execution Director
IT-SOLVE is a reliable partner that takes a professional approach to complex projects. They can listen to the client and translate it into real effects of their work.
Emil Żak
CEO / Co-Founder at Ecologic.io
I found it-solve team as passionate, trustworthy coworkers. I can reccomend them as reliable and experienced partners for any project!
Kamil Chelstowski
Board Member, Synnetra
IT solve is a team of passionate people specializing in .Net. They helped me out with the .Net project from beginning to the end (design, front-end development, back-end, business logic).
Maciej Kowalczyk
Managing Director, Risk and Analysis at Turbine Analytics S.A.
We cooperated with it-solve in a time& material mode. We were provided a skillful programmer according to our needs to remotely join our team which helped to immediately boost our developing powers without any delays associated with direct recruitment of programmers on a in-house basis.
Bartosz Dowojna
Development Specialist, Sweco
The choice of IT-Solve turned out to be the best decision. A very competent and flexible team that tries to fully understand not only the client's needs but also the broader context before implementation. Their full support as well as valuable comments included completed the project within the set deadline and the assumed budget. I can recommend IT-Solve as a reliable and committed partner.
Jakub Wójtowicz
Account Manager at Brand Backup
We are very pleased with the cooperation with IT-Solve. The product fully met our expectations. Deprived of any defects, exactly as we expected. Cooperation at a very high level, expressively, in constant contact. Certainly in the future we will re-establish cooperation with IT-Solve
Marcin Ludyga
As a title says - absolutely rock solid cooperation. Thanks to them my client own great and very innovative software. Their unique understanding of customer experience and business psychology is outstanding. 
Marcin Starczewski
Deputy Head of IT Programming Unit
We recommend IT-SOLVE as a reliable and professional company. IT-SOLVE has proved to be a very reliable partner. While conducting the work, the whole IT-SOLVE team shows great commitment and high technical qualifications.
Artur Ochman
Board Member, Gamuza sp. z o.o.
IT-SOLVE specialists show great commitment, experience and professionalism. They have very broad technical knowledge in the area of design and implementation of business processes. It-solve is a very solid and reliable technological partner.
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    Co- Founder, Key Account Manager
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