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    QA and testing

    We will help you reduce testing costs and shorten the time to market products thanks to our experience in the field of software quality assurance.

    Our testing process

    Requirement analysis
    Test setup
    Test environment setup
    Test execution
    Application release
    Manual tests
    In manual tests, cases are tested by humans. The key concept of manual testing is to ensure that the product is error free and works according to specific functional requirements.
    Automatic tests
    In automated testing, the software is tested using automatic testing tools. These tests are recommended for long-term projects. Test automation software enters test data into the tested system and compares expected and actual results. The results are generated in detailed test reports.
    API testing
    API testing includes testing by application layer to determine whether it meets the functionality and reliability requirements. API testing can be used to build tests after designing the logic to check the correctness of responses and data.
    Load testing
    Load testing should be planned for each system for which a heavy load is expected.
    Quality control
    Quality control is the process by which our clients' software is evaluated against established standards and specifications to ensure that the developed product meets these standards.
    Certified quality gives the highest value
    • MCSD Microsoft Solutions Developer 70-487, 70-486
    • Web Applications
    • MCTP 70-480 Microsoft Specialist
    • MCTP 70-40 Microsoft Certified Technology Professional
    • MTA Microsoft Technology Associate
    data base
    • MCSE Microsoft Solution Expert
    • Business Intelligence
    • MCSA 70-446 Microsoft Solution Associate
    • MTA Microsoft Technology Associate
    • Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases 2017
    requirements analysis
    • REQB Requirements Engineering Qualification Board
    • Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering
    • REQB Foundation Level
    • Prince2 Foundation
    • ITIL Foundation
    • ISTQB Certified Tester
    • ISTQB Foundation Level

    Customer opinions

    Emil Żak
    CEO / Co-Founder at Ecologic.io
    I found it-solve team as passionate, trustworthy coworkers. I can reccomend them as reliable and experienced partners for any project!
    Kamil Chelstowski
    Board Member, Synnetra
    IT solve is a team of passionate people specializing in .Net. They helped me out with the .Net project from beginning to the end (design, front-end development, back-end, business logic).
    Maciej Kowalczyk
    Managing Director, Risk and Analysis at Turbine Analytics S.A.
    We cooperated with it-solve in a time& material mode. We were provided a skillful programmer according to our needs to remotely join our team which helped to immediately boost our developing powers without any delays associated with direct recruitment of programmers on a in-house basis.
    Bartosz Dowojna
    Development Specialist, Sweco
    The choice of IT-Solve turned out to be the best decision. A very competent and flexible team that tries to fully understand not only the client's needs but also the broader context before implementation. Their full support as well as valuable comments included completed the project within the set deadline and the assumed budget. I can recommend IT-Solve as a reliable and committed partner.
    Jakub Wójtowicz
    Account Manager at Brand Backup
    We are very pleased with the cooperation with IT-Solve. The product fully met our expectations. Deprived of any defects, exactly as we expected. Cooperation at a very high level, expressively, in constant contact. Certainly in the future we will re-establish cooperation with IT-Solve
    Marcin Ludyga
    As a title says - absolutely rock solid cooperation. Thanks to them my client own great and very innovative software. Their unique understanding of customer experience and business psychology is outstanding. 
    Rafał Krakowski
    Execution Director
    IT-SOLVE is a reliable partner that takes a professional approach to complex projects. They can listen to the client and translate it into real effects of their work.
    Marcin Starczewski
    Deputy Head of IT Programming Unit
    We recommend IT-SOLVE as a reliable and professional company. IT-SOLVE has proved to be a very reliable partner. While conducting the work, the whole IT-SOLVE team shows great commitment and high technical qualifications.
    Artur Ochman
    Board Member, Gamuza sp. z o.o.
    IT-SOLVE specialists show great commitment, experience and professionalism. They have very broad technical knowledge in the area of design and implementation of business processes. It-solve is a very solid and reliable technological partner.
    Professionalism and experience
    Quality is remembered much longer than price
    ITIL 4 Foundation

    Prince 2 Foundation

    Prince 2 Practitioner

    Agile PM Foundation

    Agile PM Practitioner

    Agile BA Foundation

    Agile BA Practitioner

    IPMA lev. D

    QA & Testing
    Testing of web applications and testing of mobile applications is nowadays an essential activity that should be done for every web application created, as well as for Android or iOS applications. Software quality management is a very important component of it. It-solve offers manual tests, automatic tests, API testing, quality control. We also offer web application performance tests and mobile application tests. Automation of mobile application tests and automation of web application tests can be crucial for the operation of any large system.

    Developing applications for phone quality tests

    In the matter such as creating applications for the phone, tests are an indispensable part of the process of creating any computer, internet or mobile software. Testing allows to make a quality assessment of a given project, by detecting and describing errors that appear in it. The basic goals of this process include:

    • - verification of the quality of a given project
    • - finding and accurately characterizing bugs in such a way that a programmer can locate and fix them as quickly as possible

    Testing of web applications requires collecting adequate amount of data about the software under test. Testing at later stages will be easier and will allow to maintain high quality of the project. So the tester should go through all the collected information very carefully. Among such data are:

    • - Specification, i.e. a set of technical requirements that an application should meet
    • - Graphic design
    • - All possible recommendations and customer expectations
    • - Findings regarding what resources developers had when designing the application

    It is worth mentioning that in a matter such as software testing after the various stages of verification and correction of errors by the developer, retesting should be performed. The purpose of this activity is to check whether it has been eliminated or perhaps generated another bug. Significantly, these tests can be automated as well as manual.

    Manual or automatic software testing - pros and cons of both solutions

    The main advantage that web application test automation brings is that it allows you to test your application much faster, without the interference of testers working at a slower pace, relative to automation.

    In a matter such as accuracy, although manual tests are subject to the risk of error on the part of the tester, they can prove to be more accurate than automated ones. This is because the scripts that enable automatic testing of mobile apps, work exactly as they were designed to. This means, therefore, that they can miss errors that are not specified within the script and would be detected through manual testing.

    As for the issue that is bug reporting, testing a web or mobile application manually makes it easy to assess whether it is an easy and pleasant program to use. Automated software testing, on the other hand, does not involve human skills, as a result of which a given program may not be very user-friendly.

    Manual application testing is useful in the context of usability, exploratory, and ad-hoc testing, while the automated method should be used when conducting performance testing of web applications, load testing, functional testing, and recurring task testing.

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