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    Mobile applications development

    You have an idea, we are responsible for creating mobile applications that perfectly fit the expectations of future users.

    Supported technologies

    Certified quality gives the highest value
    • MCSD Microsoft Solutions Developer 70-487, 70-486
    • Web Applications
    • MCTP 70-480 Microsoft Specialist
    • MCTP 70-40 Microsoft Certified Technology Professional
    • MTA Microsoft Technology Associate
    data bases
    • MCSE Microsoft Solution Expert
    • Business Intelligence
    • MCSA 70-446 Microsoft Solution Associate
    • MTA Microsoft Technology Associate
    • Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases 2017
    requirements analysis
    • REQB Requirements Engineering Qualification Board
    • Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering
    • REQB Foundation Level
    • Prince2 Foundation
    • ITIL Foundation
    • ISTQB Certified Tester
    • ISTQB Foundation Level

    The process of creating a mobile application

    Application developement

    What does the process of creating a mobile application look like?

    The first stage of creating mobile applications is the analysis, thanks to which we get to know the client better - his needs, expectations and the specificity of the industry. On the basis of the collected data, we create a further action plan and proceed to prototyping. Prototyping, i.e. drawing wireframes on the basis of the analysis and desired functionalities, prevents potential errors, which otherwise would be visible only after all work is completed. The next stage of creating an application for a phone is the project, i.e. a ready concept developed on the basis of previously established functionalities. In order for mobile applications for companies to be perfected in every detail, it is also necessary to test the software - this ensures the highest quality results.

    As a company creating mobile applications, we accompany our customers at every stage of cooperation - even when the application reaches the users. We provide full support in case of technical problems, software updates or the need to add new functions. We design a variety of mobile applications for companies that are successful and in line with customer requirements. Our programming services are based on the use of the best tools and effectiveness to the benefit of your company.

    Professionalism and experience
    Quality is remembered much longer than the price paid
    ITIL 4 Foundation

    Prince 2 Foundation

    Prince 2 Practitioner

    Agile PM Foundation

    Agile PM Practitioner

    Agile BA Foundation

    Agile BA Practitioner

    IPMA lev. D

    Customer opinions

    Kamil Chelstowski
    Board Member, Synnetra
    IT solve is a team of passionate people specializing in .Net. They helped me out with the .Net project from beginning to the end (design, front-end development, back-end, business logic).
    Emil Żak
    CEO / Co-Founder at Ecologic.io
    I found it-solve team as passionate, trustworthy coworkers. I can reccomend them as reliable and experienced partners for any project!
    Maciej Kowalczyk
    Managing Director, Risk and Analysis at Turbine Analytics S.A.
    We cooperated with it-solve in a time& material mode. We were provided a skillful programmer according to our needs to remotely join our team which helped to immediately boost our developing powers without any delays associated with direct recruitment of programmers on a in-house basis.
    Bartosz Dowojna
    Development Specialist, Sweco
    The choice of IT-Solve turned out to be the best decision. A very competent and flexible team that tries to fully understand not only the client's needs but also the broader context before implementation. Their full support as well as valuable comments included completed the project within the set deadline and the assumed budget. I can recommend IT-Solve as a reliable and committed partner.
    Jakub Wójtowicz
    Account Manager at Brand Backup
    We are very pleased with the cooperation with IT-Solve. The product fully met our expectations. Deprived of any defects, exactly as we expected. Cooperation at a very high level, expressively, in constant contact. Certainly in the future we will re-establish cooperation with IT-Solve
    Marcin Ludyga
    As a title says - absolutely rock solid cooperation. Thanks to them my client own great and very innovative software. Their unique understanding of customer experience and business psychology is outstanding. 
    Rafał Krakowski
    Execution Director
    IT-SOLVE is a reliable partner that takes a professional approach to complex projects. They can listen to the client and translate it into real effects of their work.
    Marcin Starczewski
    Deputy Head of IT Programming Unit
    We recommend IT-SOLVE as a reliable and professional company. IT-SOLVE has proved to be a very reliable partner. While conducting the work, the whole IT-SOLVE team shows great commitment and high technical qualifications.
    Artur Ochman
    Board Member, Gamuza sp. z o.o.
    IT-SOLVE specialists show great commitment, experience and professionalism. They have very broad technical knowledge in the area of design and implementation of business processes. It-solve is a very solid and reliable technological partner.
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      Head of Business Development
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      We create functional mobile applications for companies

      We have developed many reliable and user-friendly mobile applications, some of which are downloadable from the App Store and Google Play. Creating apps for Android and iOS, as well as creating Flutter apps is our specialty. The created dedicated software meets the expectations of both our customers and end users. Preparing applications in an agile approach, we use industry best practices and technologies. We provide our customers with continuous technical support, even after product development, so you can be sure that the dedicated mobile application will always be optimized and adapted to the dynamic changes in the market.


      Mobile app development vs. choosing a specific platform

      A topic that is extremely important, but separate from the general issues raised earlier, is deciding on the preferred operating system to which the business mobile applications are to be specifically developed. This is a necessary stage to go through before the actual mobile application development takes place, as the technologies that we will use to complete your order depend on it.

      To help you get an initial idea of the topic, below we have prepared a brief summary of the most important advantages resulting from the use of each of the solutions proposed by us. If, after reading it, you will be interested in learning more about what mobile application programming entails depending on the choice of one of the platforms described below, feel free to contact us or read the information posted within the subpages dedicated to them.

      Android application development - key benefits

      Thanks to the popularity of Android among smartphone and tablet users, creating applications dedicated to this system is usually the first choice of our clients. Currently, the whole world market of operating systems is divided between two companies: Apple and Google, with the share of the second one being about 85% and still growing. The first and fundamental benefit of creating applications for Android is the ability to reach millions of users from almost any part of the globe.

      When it comes to the other, also very important advantages that Android mobile applications are characterized by, designing software dedicated to this system also involves:

      • - strong support from Google, which offers a specialized platform to both distribute and enable effective mobile app development,
      • - the option of personalizing the software to a huge extent and including almost any functionality within it,
      • - relatively low level of investment, achieved, among others, thanks to the fact that every developer or company creating mobile applications for Android has free access to modern open-source tools from Google, such as the Android App Development Software Kit,
      • - security of use and distribution, although these factors depend primarily on the extent to which a professional company designs mobile apps - in the case of our company, in a matter such as Android app development, we provide clients with a guarantee of no bugs and the ability to distribute software across dissimilar segments.

      iOS app development - why is it worth it?

      After seeing the advantages that Android mobile software has, designing an iOS app may seem like a bad idea at first. In practice, however, it is hard to come up with a more erroneous conclusion. It is true, of course, that the first of these systems is much more popular, but on the other hand this does not mean that designing solutions for it is unequivocally better than creating applications for iOS. Programs on the operating system from Apple are characterized by above-average reliability of operation and the highest safety factor in the context of their use or further development.

      In addition, the choice of iOS applications is a kind of premium option, because Apple attaches great importance to the fact that the company developing mobile applications for their system adheres to rigorous quality standards. Thanks to this, the final products are characterized by perfection of workmanship and finish, providing users with a high comfort of use, an excellent experiential experience, and - crucial from the investor's point of view - an impression of exclusivity.

      As it is commonly known, the recipients of services or products perceiving them as exclusive and made with great care, are ready to pay much more for them than for their standard counterparts. This, in turn, makes creating applications for iOS generates a chance to obtain a high return on investment, even if they do not reach such a large audience as it could be the case with software intended for Android.

      Application programming based on Flutter framework - key advantages

      The Flutter framework was developed by Google, and the main idea behind its creation was to be able to create very powerful mobile applications on both Android and iOS in an extremely limited amount of time.

      As far as the advantages of the software variants we offer are concerned, creating applications based on Flutter is connected primarily with very high effectiveness of this process and the fact that the final product is compatible with both aforementioned operating systems. Designing mobile applications using Flutter is realized on the basis of the same codebase for Android and iOS.

      Looking at the described solution from the perspective of features important to you as a customer, it is worth mentioning that mobile business applications created on the basis of Flutter are smooth and fast in operation, and the costs of implementation and subsequent maintenance or development of the project are relatively low, due to the specificity of this framework - it translates into, among others, reduced effort in testing mobile applications and the already mentioned high speed of their creation.

      Mobile app development - which platform to bet on?

      So what to choose - iOS application development programs for Android or solutions derived from Flutter framework? Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question, and making a final choice should be preceded by a thorough analysis of the most important pros and cons of each platform.

      If you are interested in the possibility of cooperation with our company, we invite you to contact us, during which we will identify your needs and on this basis show you the most suitable option. We guarantee that regardless of the type of software finally chosen, application development through us will allow you to achieve excellent results.