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    iOS application development

    Software house IT-Solve is a team of experienced specialists who offer customers the creation of applications on iOS that increase sales, enable communication with customers or improve process management in the company.

    Advantages of iOS Apps

    Safety and reliability

    Apple is the safest platform in terms of mobile application development. It provides users with strong protection against viruses and malware, so dedicated software on iOS is an ideal choice for creating applications.


    Quality of applications

    Apple is known for providing the world's best mobile experience. Rigorous App Store guidelines are one of the ways that forces developers to create high-quality applications for iOS.


    Reliable interface

    Apple users benefit from a unified environment. The limited number of devices makes it possible for iOS developers to provide a perfect look on any smartphone or tablet.


    High return on investment

    Creating iOS apps helps the company achieve a better return on investment because iOS users are willing to pay more than those who use Android smartphones.

    Mobile application development process

    App development

    iOS is Apple's mobile operating system, which is used in mobile devices - iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone and belongs to the Apple ecosystem. It was introduced in 2007 with the original iPhone and immediately became a major player in the smartphone market. iOS is fully proprietary and can only be used on Apple Inc. devices. Due to the great popularity of iOS devices, many entrepreneurs decide to create mobile applications on iOS that are dedicated and tailored to the specific ecosystem.

    Creating applications on iOS involves several stages, which are slightly different depending on what industry our client represents, what are his expectations and what solutions the application users need. At the very beginning we learn the specifics of the client. We also often suggest participation in Product Design workshops, which allow us to concretize our application needs. Programming services also focus on creating initial views of the application and designing solutions. After creating an application on iOS, we conduct software testing - first internal and then external, carried out by the client and application users. After their completion the application can be implemented into the AppStore store on iOS.

    The development of iOS mobile applications also includes support at the software usage stage - development (including adding new solutions), updates and solving technical problems.

    Want to build a great application for iOS? Let's make it a success story!

    Applications for startups

    Do you want to test your idea quickly and economically? Do you prefer to make sure that you have defined appropriate features based on the requirements of future users? Our programming, design and development services will help you find the perfect fit for the market. We will use our knowledge, experience and great analytics to create MVP and then a mature mobile application for iOS users.


    Applications for enterprises

    Do you have complex internal processes, or maybe your customers are waiting for an application that will increase the turnover of your company? We will be happy to learn about your needs, investigate your problems and find solutions. Together we will create an iOS application that will help you achieve your business goals and future users will be happy to use it. Whether you need a standalone mobile application, an accompanying application for a running product or simply technical support, the programmers creating the software house IT-Solve are ready to cooperate.

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      An experienced team of iOS programmers

      We have comprehensive technological knowledge, thanks to which we are able to deliver high quality applications tailored to the customer's business requirements. Our experienced developers work with:

      • Swift
      • Objective-C
      • Xcode