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    Advanced system used to coordinate tree felling

    Quantum GIS

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    The scope of work 

    Implementation of a system based on full integration with QuantumGIS map system and Geoportal.

    Supporting administrative processes through development of functions informing about work stages.

    Improvement of communication between employees thanks to detailed records of conducted works.

    Thanks to integration with QuantumGIS system, after giving the coordinates, the plot on which the tree is located is automatically searched. Then, through the system, the administrator searches for information about the owner of the plot, thanks to which all administrative processes, i.e. obtaining necessary approvals, are accelerated. Also, the control works becomes more transparent by adding a register of performed works. The administrative staff can monitor current works and their compliance with the legal and technical documentation on an ongoing basis, and the technicians can easily provide information on the tasks performed by the technicians using a single service.

    This system also makes it possible to:

    • Control received approvals for tree felling
    • Efficiently coordinate projects through detailed information on the different stages of work

    Gamuza is an advanced system used to coordinate tree felling. It was created to improve geodesic and administrative processes. Thanks to the implementation of extensive functions, everyday work of both technicians and office administrators becomes easier. When the system did not exist, the technician had to write down the coordination of the trees to be felled by himself, and then search for the plot of land on which it is located. Thanks to the Gamuza system, this process runs more efficiently.


    • Need for integration with an advanced map system
    • Difficult document circulation
    • Ensuring a coherent workflow
    • Integration with the Geoportal which enables access to geodetic and cartographic resources
    • Integration with the QuantumGIS system, which makes it possible to set out detailed points and visualize the project
    • Integration with the ENVELO mail system - facilitating correspondence with the Client and the possibility of dealing with official matters online
    • Supporting administrative processes and ensuring their transparency
    • Coordination of field staff through extended service functionalities
    • A coherent system for the management of tree felling work

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    Customer opinions

    Artur Ochman
    Board Member, Gamuza sp. z o.o.
    IT-SOLVE specialists show great commitment, experience and professionalism. They have very broad technical knowledge in the area of design and implementation of business processes. It-solve is a very solid and reliable technological partner.
    Emil Żak
    CEO / Co-Founder at Ecologic.io
    I found it-solve team as passionate, trustworthy coworkers. I can reccomend them as reliable and experienced partners for any project!
    Kamil Chelstowski
    Board Member, Synnetra
    IT solve is a team of passionate people specializing in .Net. They helped me out with the .Net project from beginning to the end (design, front-end development, back-end, business logic).
    Maciej Kowalczyk
    Managing Director, Risk and Analysis at Turbine Analytics S.A.
    We cooperated with it-solve in a time& material mode. We were provided a skillful programmer according to our needs to remotely join our team which helped to immediately boost our developing powers without any delays associated with direct recruitment of programmers on a in-house basis.
    Bartosz Dowojna
    Development Specialist, Sweco
    The choice of IT-Solve turned out to be the best decision. A very competent and flexible team that tries to fully understand not only the client's needs but also the broader context before implementation. Their full support as well as valuable comments included completed the project within the set deadline and the assumed budget. I can recommend IT-Solve as a reliable and committed partner.
    Jakub Wójtowicz
    Account Manager at Brand Backup
    We are very pleased with the cooperation with IT-Solve. The product fully met our expectations. Deprived of any defects, exactly as we expected. Cooperation at a very high level, expressively, in constant contact. Certainly in the future we will re-establish cooperation with IT-Solve
    Marcin Ludyga
    As a title says - absolutely rock solid cooperation. Thanks to them my client own great and very innovative software. Their unique understanding of customer experience and business psychology is outstanding. 
    Rafał Krakowski
    Execution Director
    IT-SOLVE is a reliable partner that takes a professional approach to complex projects. They can listen to the client and translate it into real effects of their work.
    Marcin Starczewski
    Deputy Head of IT Programming Unit
    We recommend IT-SOLVE as a reliable and professional company. IT-SOLVE has proved to be a very reliable partner. While conducting the work, the whole IT-SOLVE team shows great commitment and high technical qualifications.
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