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FX Trade
About project

Wholesale currency exchange web application for specialized financial and banking organizations.

This application meets the strict standards of the banking sector. It adapts currency exchange to legal conditions in individual countries, while processing very large amounts of data in a short time. FX Trade ensures application availability at 99.7%, provides SLA and helpdesk services.

Users can exchange currencies in two ways: real time or afters a certain amount of exchange. The analytical engine of the application allows you to buy currency pairs at the best possible price. The system is built globally, which makes it possible to work on it in every corner of the world, while increasing the effectiveness of traders using the system.


  • Need of an application for an easier currency exchange
  • Fulfilling stringent security standards in the banking sector
  • Ensuring high appliation availability at 99,7%
  • Providing SLA and helpdesk services
  • Integration with the external API od 360T global currency trading
  • Analytical engine supporting the purchase of currency pairs at the best price
  • Positive results of penetration tests before implementation in banking institutions in many countries
  • Increasing the security of internet transactions with currency exchange
  • Increasing the effectiveness of traders using the system

Project in numbers

hours of work
used technologies
involved people
thousand of code lines

SignAL r
SQL Server

Support on platfroms


The scope of work

Ensuring high availability of applications at the level of 99.7%.

Adaptation of currency exchange to legal conditions in individual countries. Creating a server infrastructure that meets HADR requirements.

Increasing the security of online transactions with currency exchange and gaining market advantage by shortening transaction times.

Increasing the effectiveness of traders using the system.

Customer opinion

Kamil Chełstowski
Synnetra Board Member
IT- SOLVE is a team of pasionate people specializing in .Net. They helped me out with the .Net project from beginning to the end (design, front-end development, back-end, business logic).
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Wiktor Sobczyk
Co- Founder, Key Account Manager
Damian Sitek
Co-Founder, Developer