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About project

Ecologic- an intelligent driver training program


The system analyzes driving techniques- it detects and analyzes over 800 different events that have direct impact on road safety. In addition, each driver is kept informed of his progress and errors that need improvement.

Ecologic is an intelligent program for drivers operating 365 days a year. It consists of many important and technologically advanced components such as:

  • advanced analysis of driving style
  • intelligent and advanced communication
  • gamecenter- motivation and commitment
  • car fleet management
  • introduction of aritifical intelligence in the fleet system

Ecologic is a tool that uses a device plugged in the OBD2 conncector equipped with a motion sensor, accelerometer, GSM modem and GPS, which is connected to the mobile application and online portal. The mobile application after each route informs the driver what mistakes he has made and what was the fuel consumption so that they are aware and responsible drivers.

Ecologic assesses the driving technique and builds a driver ranking. High scores can save hundreds on fuel each year. The system learns the driver's behaviour and provides feedback on non- economic driving as well as on dangerous maneveurs. Weekly reports will help you to understand errors and find hidden potential. The route report displays detailed information about the driver's activity, where and how much he rode. In addition, low battery and check engine errors will help to keep vehicles in good condition.


  • Large group of active users of the application on different devices
  • Constantly increasing number of new functionalities, as a result there is an increase in application downloads and the collection and processing of an increasing amount of data
  • Large number of messages, data, competitions that should be presented in clear and intuitive way
  • Developement of an Android and iOS application that plays a role of virtual driving instructor for each driver
  • Analysis of over 100 parameters affecting the level of safety and economic efficiency of driving
  • Detection and analysis of over 800 various events that transalte into road safety
  • Mobile application which ensures that driver is aware of all aspects related to driving that need improvement
  • Driver involvement through gamecenter- safe and economical driving has become not a duty, but a challenge
  • Each driver has access to his individual panel, where he will find his statistics, challenges and achievements

Project in numbers

hours of work
used technologies
involved people
thousands of code lines

SignAL r
SQL Server

Support on platforms

The scope of work

Implementation and developement of the entire system along with satelite and mobile products as well as environments providing services for core websites.

Dedicated team of programmers, testers and product owner constantly working on developement of applications and implementing new functionalities.

Implementation of a big data based engine that can create precise driver profiles consiting of hundreds of variables, and then evaluate and communicate with the driver to change the driving style.

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